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Top Tips

Be at the same level as the child

If we could send out one key message to our colleagues working with children - this would be my choice!!! 

It is so simple to do and yet something that gets forgotten or overlooked in the busy day to day running of Early Years Settings.

Enabling the child to see your face as you interact reinforces to the child that you are interested in them.

Give the child a choice

Children can be easily inspired and empowered by adults in their life trusting them to make a choice.

Adults often make choices for the child, instead offer two alternatives and see what a positive difference this can make.

Give a choice - enable a voice

                        Dummy Use


We are not the 'dummy police' and we know that there are very important reasons for giving a dummy to a baby but there are some facts that you should be aware of;

- over use of a dummy can lead to dental problems, which in turn may affect the quality of a child's speech

- over use of a dummy may result in reduced babbling and experimentation with sounds

- can increase risk of stomach and mouth infections

It is generally advised that a child should be weaned off a dummy ideally at 6 months or certainly by 12 months.

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